How Effective is Gynexol in Treating Gynecomastia

How Effective is Gynexol: Gynexol is a treatment for Gynecomastia – male breasts. This can be caused by an imbalance of hormones, obesity, lifestyle or even genetics. One out every three men suffers from Gynecomastia. Although it does not do any great damage to one’s health, this condition can cause psychological problems for men, emotional distress and even alienation due to ridicule and low self esteem. Enter the Gynexol Cream.

How Effective is Gynexol

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What is Gynexol Cream?

This is an oral, herbal supplement that reduces male breasts. It does this by naturally burning excessive fats and subcutaneous tissues in the mammary glands. It also raises metabolism to reduce fat much like a weight loss supplement. However, it is different in that it specifically targets adipose tissue in the breasts thus leading to breast reduction. Read “What is Gynexol Cream

What is Gynexol made of?

Gynexol is made of 100% natural products. These include: Cacao, Caffeine, Green tea extract, Chromium, Guggulsterone and Sclareolides. These are all natural products from leafs, plants and fruits; effectively making Gynexol a herbal product. Read more about “How Effective is Gynexol and How its work in sort time”

How does it work?

Chromium controls blood sugar levels, reduces body fat and increases body muscle. Guggulsterone lowers cholesterol and triglycerides thereby assisting in reducing fat. Cacao is rich in antioxidants which stimulate heart function and dilate blood vessels. Green tea extract reduces swelling and abnormal cell growth. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, heart, muscle system and is used to increase urine flow for removal of impurities from the body. Sclareolides increase testosterone levels in the body and at the same time reduce estrogen levels. Gynexol is designed to be taken daily, thus it produces a cumulative effect on the male breast reduction process. Read How does it work.

What are the side effects?

Being a natural product (herb), no side effects are associated with the product. However, people with dietary side effects may be affected since the product is made from plant based products. These are minor effects such as stomach upsets and headaches, which usually go away after a few days, as your body adjusts to the Gynexol. Read Gynexol side effects.

How is the product administered?

The common dosage is two pills a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. However, the maximum dosage is four pills in a 24-hour period. These are periods spaced six hours apart. The recommended daily dosages are usually indicated on the product.

Where can you buy Gynexol?

Although you can purchase this product from distributors and online stores like Amazon and eBay, the safest way to get an order of a genuine (Buy Gynexol) product online from the official Gynexol website. The US-based company ships Gynexol to UK, Canada, India, Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore; practically every country except for Norway. US orders take between three to five business days while international orders take between seven to fourteen business days. Thanks for reading How Effective is Gynexol, Hope you like this article.

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